Studio Roundup (1)

Studio Roundup (1)

This time of the year leading up to Christmas is obviously flat out in my studio and when it is only little old me, with none of Santa's helpers to assist (apparently they don't dig the Sydney heat), to hand craft each and every piece there is little time for respite.
My fingers are raw, my shoulders ache and my eyes are tired, who could ever believe making jewellery is so tough on the body? 

drilling seaglass for jewellery kriket broadhurst studioThere is seaglass to sort through and pair into earrings, rings and necklaces, then it needs to be drilled with precision under water, before being lightly oiled and used as the key star in one of my many designs.

hand crafting with seaglassI also handcraft nearly every element of my designs from coiling wire for bangles, wrapping gems for earrings and necklaces, soldering rings and clasps, hammering finishes on the metal, sanding and polishing and so, so much more.

photographing handmade jewellery kriket broadhurst studioThen, after the jewellery is made, if it is not off to a gallery or the market it has to be photographed ready to be uploaded to my shop. This is a time consuming and laborious task, with photographs taken, edited, re-sized and then uploaded to my site with descriptions and product details. 

Manly Market place

If pieces are set aside for my stall at The Manly Market  which I regularly trade at then lots needs to be done in preparation for the market. I must admit that over the years I have got my set up down to minimal time, but it still takes a good 1.5 hours to lay out all my jewellery and set up my display.
Phew! I am exhausted just recapping my week, I am off for a morning coffee and a snuggle with my little one!

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