The metals we use:

I use a mix of solid gold, 14k gold filled and sterling silver metals. Unless specified all chains are 14K gold filled. This is a great, quality alternative to much more expensive solid gold chains. We can replace any gold filled chains with pure gold if requested, please contact me for choices and additional costs.

What is 14k gold-filled?

Gold filled is an actual layer of gold which is bonded under pressure to a base metal. Gold filled is not to be confused with gold plating and is much superior to plating as gold filled literally has 100% more gold than gold plating. I do not use gold or silver plating in any of designs. Like pure Gold, gold filled is tarnish resistant, does not flake off, rub off or turn your skin green!

Gold filled is a great economical alternative to solid gold.

How to store my jewels?

For long lasting lustre of all metals it is advised that where possible you keep your pieces dry and do not swim in pools as the chlorine can damage the metals and turn silver black.

Some sulphur based shampoos can also oxidise your jewellery so if in doubt take them off before washing hair, using body lotion or spraying perfume.

Heavy humidity can also play havoc with metals - silver especially, so never keep your jewels in the bathroom.

  • Keep Your Jewelry Safe and Sound

    Within reason, keep jewellery dry and when not wearing it store it in either the box we sent it in (which contains acid free paper and filling) or a pouch.

  • Wait Before Applying These Products!

    Apply makeup, sun lotion, hairspray or any type of lotion and allow it to dry before putting on your jewellery, they may contain harsh chemicals that may damage your jewellery by clogging gaps in chains and making stones and seaglass mucky.

Expert Tips for

Seaglass Jewelry Maintenance

✦ Natural seaglass is slightly porous and lighter colours can attract visible grime over time. This is usually due to oils from your skin transferring to the glass, this will help the glass stay naturally shiny but can also accumulate, creating dirt deposits.

To clean seaglass you can wash with soapy water and a soft tooth brush, rinse well and lightly oil with some olive oil to bring back the shine.

It is natural for the hole in the glass where the chain passes through to oxidise. You can clean this either by spraying with a little WD40 and gently gliding the chain backwards and forwards through the hole to dislodge dirt, or you can thread a piece of dental floss or cotton through and clean that way.

Please wash thoroughly clean with dish liquid and fresh water.

The Dos and Don'ts of Seaglass Jewelry Care

  • ✦ For extra care gently polish silver jewellery by wiping it with a jewellery polishing cloth.

  • ✦ Store jewellery in a safe place like a pouch, box or lined jewellery case.

  • ✦ Take care with your natural gemstones and seaglass. Avoid knocking or dropping them as they can be fragile and can easily

  • ✦ Never use abrasives chemicals or products to clean your jewellery. These chemicals can also dull or even pit the surface of some soft gemstones.

Get Advice From Gem Experts

With a little care, your natural gemstone and gold-filled jewellery will remain as sparkling and beautiful as the day you got it.

And lastly the old mantra - 'first off and last on' is great advice for all jewellery.

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