Contemporary Australian jewellery

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Heart of Scenic Tamborine Mountain

My Artisan jewellery shop and studio is located at the front of e360 Design on Gallery Walk, 123 Long Road, on picturesque Tamborine Mountain, which is located in the Scenic Rim of S.E Qld.

My studio is one of my favourite places, and its where my desire to create unique jewellery inspires me to show up at the bench each and every day.

My aim is to tread softly and be mindful of waste and I use recycled metals and materials in my designs wherever possible. Starting from this foundation of sustainability, I source my raw materials carefully and only deal with other businesses that have the same values I adhere to.

My Global Collection of

Rare Sea Glass Jewelry

My antique sea glass has been collected by me from Seaham Beach in the UK. Designing with these glass nuggets essentially means I am recycling a waste product over a century in the making. Other special colours and rare sea glass is purchased from collectors in Iceland and Japan. My gold and silver is largely recycled and I am careful to source gems from reputable Australian gem merchants.

Sea glass is my real joy, its intoxicating colours, smooth frosted surfaces and organic shapes never fail to inspire me. I can spend hours crafting a setting for a luminous piece of glass, or matching beautiful nuggets of antique glass to make into a beautiful pair of one of a kind earrings.

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A Passion For Perfection

Transforming Raw Materials into Artisan Jewellery

I handcraft all my designs from raw metals and the antique sea glass I use is perfectly frosted and naturally formed by the constant motion of waves rolling the glass amongst pebbles and sand.