Tropical Gold - Summer Collection 2019

November 22, 2018

Tropical Gold - Summer Collection 2019

2018 has been a busy, busy year for me, I literally haven't stopped for more than a few days at any one time.
This was due, in part, to the design, fabrication and launch of my new collection that I have been obsessing about ever since our family holiday to the islands of Tahiti and Mo'orea in French Polynesia.

Mo'orea and french Polynesia

To say I was bowled over by the rich, vibrant, 'in ya face' colours of the sea and land of this tropical paradise is an understatement.
I reckon I walked around with my mouth drooling the entire time we were there as I rode the emotions of total wonder and fascination that these sea glass colours can exist so abundantly in nature.
I was so inspired by the aqua, turquoise and teals of the sea, that I wanted to create a collection that was as vibrant and as rich. 

tropical gold summer collection kriket broadhurst

Unfortunately my stock of seaglass lacked enough of these colours so I spent weeks tracking down seaglass collectors all over the world who could find me the colours that I wanted and that would best match my tropical colour way.
In the end purchased glass from two trusted sellers, aqua blues from Japan and teal green and turquoise from Iceland.

I don't tend to record my designs on paper in the traditional way, instead I like to carry ideas around in my mind, mulling them over, designing specific elements and shapes until I am ready to sit down and make prototypes to then build upon.

I wanted to include gold and silver charms in this collection, invoking the idea of precious bounty lost in the tropical reefs that surround these islands and so chose several  pieces of seaglass to cast into precious metals.
The images above show the wax version of the seaglass charms that then goes through a series of processes before being cast into the desired metal. You can also see the selections of the new seaglass colours as well as 'works in progress'. 

teal green and 14c gold seaglass statement earrings

I love the way the organic, porous surface of the naturally tumbled seaglass is captured in the surface of the gold and silver. 
The pics above are of a very special pair of my statement earrings - consisting of teal green wrapped seaglass nuggets connected by 14ct gold charms. These earrings are exclusively available on the Eclectic Artisans website here and the gold nugget and teal necklace here.

14 ct gold drop earrings
The collection comprises pieces without coloured  glass.
The simple pebble drop earrings and the lush seaglass nugget earrings above are now in my shop here.

tropical silver seaglass collection

 Silver rocks with teals and aquas and whilst not as luxe as gold it still holds its own in oh so many ways.
The pieces above are available here.

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