Hi, I'm Kriket.....

An Aussie designer who specialises in handcrafting beautiful jewellery collections from antique seaglass, silver and gold.

I believe jewellery tells the story of our life, it reflects the journeys we have taken and tells others so much about our personality.
My passion is for designing jewellery for free-spirited women who love exploring, who love things that are a little different from the mainstream and who recognise quality and craftsmanship. Wear my jewellery everyday, layer it with your other favourite pieces and treasure it for years to come.

I work from my sun drenched studio, located in our home which is situated on the edge of Sydney Harbour National Park and within walking distance to my favourite Balmoral Beach. I share our little cottage with my 6 year old son, my husband, as well as a few resident kookaburra's, brush turkeys, possums and bandicoots.

I relish any excuse for a family picnic (preferably by the beach), swimming in the ocean, dark chocolate and I suffer from insatiable wanderlust. I am inspired by tropical colours, the vivid hues of the ever changing ocean and travelling.

kriket broadhurst seaglass jewellery designer headshot

Most days, you can find me working away at my jeweller's bench. Each day is different, depending on the collection I am working on so I may be either drilling seaglass, filing metal, setting stones or doing never ending admin tasks to keep my business running smoothly.

I handcraft all my designs from raw metals and the antique seaglass I use in my jewellery is perfectly frosted and naturally formed by the constant motion of waves rolling the glass amongst pebbles and sand.

I enjoy contemplating the history of my seaglass pieces, many of which were tumbling around in the waves of the North Atlantic for 100-200 years before I discovered them.
I often find myself lost in a meditative state as I search through my glass – hunting for the perfect shape to match a pair for earrings or lusting over a perfect, aqua nugget that would look divine set in gold bezel and made into a ring.