Jewellery Sizes

It is important you take the time to get your size correct for your jewellery.

Our necklaces come in standard sizes 16"/17"/18" as well as various other sizes depending on the design. Please see general guide below as well as individual necklace descriptions.


Necklace Length

Position on the Body

10 to 14"/ 25-35cm

Hangs tight around the neck


Hangs loosely around the neck

18 "/45.7cm

Sits on the collarbone or above


Sits just below the collarbone or on


Lies above the top of the bust or just on


Lies at or just below the centre of the bust

28 to 38"/71-96cm

Hangs below the bust


Hangs below the navel


We can make your bangle to any size but below is a guide to the 3 basic sizes.

To measure the size you need either take an existing bangle that you own and measure the inside of it and compare to the chart below.


2 3/8" / 6.03 cm       7 1/2" / 19.05 cm     Small
2 5/8" / 6.66 cm       8 1/4"/ 21cm     Medium
2 3/4" / 6.98 cm       8 3/5"/21.84 cm     Large

Our earrings all vary in size - please see individual earring design for an image of the earring on a model, please note these images are to be taken as a guide only. We all vary in size!

Our rings are all listed in Uk measurements - with a corresponding letter.
Please confirm your size from a trusted jeweller before requesting a custom made ring from us.

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