Seaglass and Silver Charm Necklace

Seaglass and Silver Charm Necklace

A couple of my teal seaglass and silver charm necklaces have found new homes in the past week so I thought I would share the process with you and the steps involved, via the video below.

 These necklaces feature a rare, rich teal nugget of Icelandic seaglass which nestles against a beautiful solid silver 'seaglass' charm. I cast the charms from a naturally tumbled piece of antique seaglass that I have specifically chosen for its timeless, classic tear drop shape.

Rich in history, with each piece unique, the shape and matte textured surface of sea glass translates beautifully into precious metals with the surface of the frosted glass still visible on the surface of the silver nugget, resulting in an organic, matte finish.

The combination of the teal blue sea glass against the silver highlights the glass and makes it shine with colour. If you are tempted you can find the necklace here. Or if you would like to request a custom made piece, contact us here.

kriket broadhurst teal seaglass and sterling silver necklace

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