Summer is Over (for now)

Summer is Over (for now)

The beginning of the year is always a bit of a wipe out for me, with February almost done and dusted and Easter is not far off the horizon. 

After the mad busy rush of Christmas orders, markets and mayhem of the festive season, I usually fall in a heap sometime during Christmas Eve drinks and then don't really function again till after New Years!

kriket broadhurst

Here in Australia, we have 6 glorious weeks of Summer Holidays. So I take that time to hang with my little Family, hitting the beach on a daily basis, lounging under trees, picnicking at sunset and generally behaving as though time does not matter with, 'No fast moves', our daily mantra.

Needless to say, when school heads back we are left shaking our heads, wondering where the time went and how on earth did it get to be February?

designing new sea glass collection

I have no choice but to hit the ground running and spend a good few weeks re-ordering materials, mapping my year to come and planning new collections. I have started making again, with orders coming through, markets to attend and designs to develop.

inside the studio designing

I love that first wave of a new year in the studio - I feel like I am in control and can decide which direction to head in. Sometimes the waves bear down on me faster than I would like, threatening to drown me, but I always manage to keep my head above water, squinting into the sun and keeping my eye upon the horizon.

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