Mother's Day Love

Mother's Day Love

Motherhood, actually parenthood, is the most overwhelming, mind-boggling role that nothing in life can prepare you for. No job, or training, or manual, can ready you for the tidal waves of emotions you experience. When the kids are small, your days are filled with thankless tasks such as wiping dirty bottoms, preparing food no-one will eat, and screaming at the top of your lungs “BRUSH YOUR TEETH”. Of course those hideous jobs are interspersed with phenomenal moments of pure joy when you think your heart is going to explode simply because your little monster just pointed in the air and said “bubble”. 


kriket broadhurst seaglass jewellery mothers day with son jacob


There are a million books, programmes and blogs out there about how difficult parenting is and how we must remember self-care to stay sane. However, some people still like to dismiss Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as commercial nonsense. Well maybe they’re right but this is also BONUS day for Mums and Dads. This is the day of the year we get to say “Crikey you’ve raised a human or two, thanks for that”. For any parent who gave up a career to become a full-time mum or dad, they absolutely need a pat on the back and reassurance that it wasn’t all for nothing!

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Now you’re running low on time but it’s not too late. A quick pop down the shops for flowers, or the gorgeous Manly Market for ooh let me think, some beautiful seaglass earrings, and a cup of tea on the sofa. That should save your bacon, and remember Father’s Day isn’t far away…

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