Why Gift Cards are an Excellent Choice

Why Gift Cards are an Excellent Choice

We have lots of thoughtful hubbies and partners approach our market stand, knowing that their wives and girlfriends would love the delicate seaglass jewellery we make. However, when faced with the choice of aqua, cobalt blue, green or clear glass, we can see them become totally overwhelmed by the choice.

If we ask them if the lady in question prefers silver or gold, they almost curl up in a ball with fear, and then generally plonk for a bunch of flowers instead!

kriket Broadhurst jewellery manly marketplace standSo ladies, if you're reading this, do yourselves a favour and send this link to your fellas. Flowers are lovely, but they won't be with you for months and years to come. Plus, you can't wear them out to dinner with your new black dress.

Of course, it goes without saying that many of us ladies would be thrilled that their partners know us well enough to choose our jewellery. However, we are also incredibly fussy beasts. The fact that someone has remembered we love a certain jeweller is lovely enough. We then get the joy and freedom of choosing our own special piece.

kriket broadhurst seaglass jewellery Japanese aqua bezel set in silver on a gold chain necklace with a rough cut blue diamondA gift card is also a wonderful idea for a friend, colleague or collective gift. So click here, select the value you would like to give, and we will do the rest!

kriket broadhurst seaglass jewellery teal earrings and necklace on manly beach

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