Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

The time has come for you to scour the shops and internet for something, ANYTHING, your mother-in-law might like for Christmas.
Then, there's your sister, your child's teacher, and that awesome best friend who is always there for you.
Of course we ALWAYS love shopping handmade and from people we know and love!  See below for our roundup of some awesome Christmas present ideas.
Links for where to buy are located at the bottom of this blog.

x Lins & Krik


1. 100% Soy Wax Mosaic Candle from RuSoy

2. Tinted Porcelain Bowls from LouiseMstudio

3. Australian Native Christmas Door Wreath from LaPlumedeFleur

4. Opulent Teal Seaglass & Green Quartz Earrings from Kriket Broadhurst Jewellery

5. Zeus the Zebra Print from Leahs Mark

6. Honorine Clutch in Tea from Made in Mada

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