Our Seaglass Jewellery - Inspired by the Ocean

Our Seaglass Jewellery - Inspired by the Ocean

I have always had an infinity with the ocean and as far back as I can remember it has played a vital role in both my connection to the world and as a barometer for my happiness. I mean, come on, who couldn't be inspired by sitting and staring at crystal clear turquoise seas?

Moorea, Tahiti, kriket broadhurst

Moorea, Tahiti.

Over the years the ocean has inspired my designs and jewellery collections in countless ways. From my earlier days as a mosaic Artist when I created numerous public art commissions that reflected sea themes, through to my decade-long pursuit of developing and perfecting unique ceramic bead recipes that mirrored ocean hues, and now as a jeweller working with beautiful seaglass gems.

ceramic studs kriket broadhurst jewellery

Turquoise Ceramic Bead Studs

Wherever possible, seeking places to live close the coast has always been a priority. Whether that was the tiny idyllic town of Beaumaris tucked into the eastern side of Anglesey at the entrance to the roaring Menai Straits, or nestled in the bush overlooking one of our favourite inner harbour beaches of Sydney.

The Basin, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

The Basin, Ku-ring-gai Chase National park, Sydney

This close proximity to beaches, rugged coastlines and the intoxicating colours that are reflected in the ever-changing ocean, has provided me with an ongoing fascination with how to capture those colours in my work. From the eye-watering turquoise waters of Tahiti, the deep sea-greens surrounding Anglesey, to the beautiful aquas and cobalts of Sydney's coastlines.

glass fishing float Tahiti, Moorea

Glass Fishing Float, Moorea, Tahiti

Ultimately it was seaglass that, over 10 years ago, first provided me with the opportunity to craft pieces of jewellery that captured the essence of the sea. Nuggets with perfectly smooth, frosted surfaces in an array of colours, from the deep teal green of rare Icelandic seaglass to the beautiful aquamarine blue of Japanese seaglass, through to the more common seafoam that retains the palest hint of green.

naturally tumbled antique seaglass

Naturally Tumbled Seaglass Nuggets

Our passion is now combining precious metals, semi-precious stones and seaglass together in unique ways that highlight the natural beauty of the glass but doesn't distract from its inherent beauty. Our customers often comment on the clean simplicity of our designs, which allow the stunning colours of the seaglass to stand out. Click here to see the online collection, or contact us to arrange a studio appointment to see the jewellery for yourself. 


14k gold chandelier earrings seaglass and tourmaline

 Gold Bangles with Teal, Amber & Cobalt Blue SeaglassKriket Broadhurst seaglass jewellery gold bangles

   Gold Necklace with Rare Teal "Multi" Seaglass

Kriket Broadhurst seaglass necklace multi-coloured glass on gold chain


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