Springtime on the Mountain



Insert image - spring blooms

When the leaves start to appear again. And all of the flower buds that have teased us over winter start to unfurl and eventually bloom, there is a special group of people that open their gardens for all to come and wonder at.

Springtime on the Mountain evolves every year, with different gardens to wander around, gaze at and appreciate nature in the form of plant and flower. 

A local silversmith,  Emma Dusting captures these forms brilliantly in her silver jewellery. Inspired by seed pods, leaves,  and flowers alike her pieces are certainly a statement. 

Insert image - Emma Dusting floral piece 

I also stock ceramic earrings by the line Birdy and Clementine. Robyn hand makes her jewellery on the Sunshine Coast. And as well as many different shaped earrings in stud and dangle form, the patterns are also unique and no two earrings are the same. 

Insert image - Birdy and Clementine floral piece. 

*gardens to visit link to tickets