Choosing the Perfect Piece of Glass

Choosing the Perfect Piece of Glass

Online shopping seems to be the safest option for many of us in these strange new times we find ourselves. This can be particularly tricky when it comes to buying seaglass jewellery online as we can't touch the pieces, try them on or really see the subtle variations in colour of the glass. 

green seaglass different colours and shapes Kriket Broadhurst jewellery

When we are commissioned to make a custom piece we generally select a short-list of sea glass for the customer to choose from. We know which shapes work best for particular designs so we find three of four pieces in the right colour and then send the customer a photo for them to select their favourite. Of course, there are some colours of seaglass which are so rare there may be very little choice! 

Choosing the perfect piece of green seaglass for a pendant necklace Kriket Broadhurst jewellery

Once the customer has chosen the piece of seaglass, it can be drilled, hand-wrapped and hung on a chain, next to a semi-precious stone or gold charm. 

green seaglass pendant necklace Kriket Broadhurst jewellery

In lieu of being able to show you our jewellery collections in person, we have put together a short video where Kriket explains the process we go through when selecting glass for a piece of jewellery. Please feel free to email us with any questions or if you would like a custom made piece designed just for you :)


choosing the perfect piece of seaglass for jewellery Kriket Broadhurst jewelry

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