One Foot in Front of the Other

One Foot in Front of the Other

We are really feeling for our neighbours in Victoria right now. The very idea of another lock-down sends a chill down our spines. We in New South Wales, feel like it might be imminent so we’re ramping up the masks and social distancing to try to prevent it.

Like many millions of people around the world have experienced, our business has slowed dramatically and we often have discussions around “what does the future hold?” It seems so frivolous and shallow to promote jewellery when there is so much sickness & heartache around us. However, for our mental health as much as our drive to be creative, we keep designing, crafting, promoting and selling our handmade sea glass jewellery. We figure if we can serve a purpose and if just one kind person buys a necklace to show love, and if that loved one feels a little better when wearing that necklace, then our work hasn’t been in vain. 

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It feels like such a novelty to get 'dressed up' now. Even for a zoom call with the kids’ teachers, the smarter clothes and jewellery may be from the waist up only, and the warm slippers stay firmly in place. It’s important to keep making an effort though, to feel good about ourselves, to avoid sinking into a “what’s the point” mentality.  Beautiful clothes and our favourite jewellery work wonders on our confidence and our feeling of pride.  

Life is bonkers at the moment, but it has to be lived in the only way we know how. So get out there and do what you’re allowed to do - dance, walk, laugh, play tennis, wear your favourite dress with your favourite jewellery, even for the dog walk. We’re all in the same boat and we just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. And try to have fun along the way and show kindness in every way you can.

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