The Gift that Keeps Giving

The Gift that Keeps Giving

A piece of jewellery is one of those rare gifts that you carry around with you all day, you show off to the world, and admire when you’re sitting still or looking in the mirror. It must be why we wear wedding rings, and not wedding socks (although I do love a good pair of socks).

With jewellery you are constantly reminded of the person who gave it to you. So if you want a friend or loved one to think of you often, send them a piece of jewellery they won’t want to take off. Make it an easy, wearable piece. Something that will go with many outfits, but something of high quality so that it will endure day after day of knocks.

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Choose wisely, really think of that friend and their tastes, their favourite colours, and what they currently love to wear. There is no point buying a bright red necklace for a friend who never dresses in that colour. Matching eye colour is an easy one - a beautiful amber stone for your brown-eyed girl.


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Last but not least, enjoy the shopping experience. Gift shopping is the best kind because it is guilt-free!

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