Latest Beach Photoshoot

Latest Beach Photoshoot

Years ago, when I used to work on photoshoots during my publishing and agency days, they would involve a team of around 10-12 people: Photographer, Photographer's Assistant, Art Director, Shoot Coordinator, Stylist,  a runner or two, the clients and of course the models.
The stark difference when you run your own business though, is that you have play all of those roles and often at once! Sometimes even the role of the model when we need to show the length of a necklace etc. But on our most recent beach seaglass jewellery photoshoot, at the beginning of Spring here in Sydney, we were fortunate enough to have the beautifully professional Jan to model for us.  

seaglass jewellery photoshoot model kriket broadhurst jewelry Balmoral Beach
This meant that the other roles were split between Kriket and I as we tried our best to avoid the very windy, sandy conditions to capture the best batch of photos we could!  We don't have to hunt around for the perfect shoot location as luckily we live on the doorstep of one of the most beautiful beaches in the World, Balmoral. After having to postpone a couple of times due to the weather, we were thankful that on this Friday the sun was at least shining.

Balmoral Beach Sydney most beautiful beach in the world Kriket Broadhurst jewellery photoshoot
However, as you can see from my puffa jacket in the following photo, that afore mentioned wind was cold, which was a bit uncomfortable for poor Jan! She was a trooper though and tolerated us changing the collections on her multiple times in the effort to showcase most of our sea glass jewellery. And yes, crawling around on the sand is just part and parcel of getting the perfect shot. How beautiful do our seaglass rings look in the photograph below?

photoshoot Balmoral Beach Kriket Broadhurst jewellery Sydney
sea glass jewelry Sydney Kriket Broadhurst Australia
Photoshoots take a lot of preparation. We write a list of jewellery colour-ways that we want to shoot, e.g teal & silver, green & gold, and then ensure we have enough pieces made up to create an overall "look". The wardrobe is also important of course, we generally prefer a neutral backdrop to enable the jewellery to stand out.

jewellery photoshoot green necklaces on neutral top kriket broadhurst jewelry
Since our last photoshoot two year ago we have added a few different jewellery designs to our range, so needed to ensure we had some gorgeous lifestyle photographs that incorporated those. For example our necklaces with the gold or silver disc charms are fairly new additions to our online shop. These can be seen on Jan in the photographs below - gold discs with teal seaglass in the first shot, and with clear seaglass in the second. 

seaglass jewellery kriket broadhurst Sydney
layered necklaces authentic sea glass with disc charm kriket broadhurst jewellery Sydney
Overall we were thrilled with the results, and can't wait to share more images from our shoot on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Contact us if you would like to discuss a custom order. 

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