Making an Impact on a 6" Screen

Making an Impact on a 6" Screen

In this new age of working from home and Zoom meetings, there seems little point in spending your hard-earned cash on designer shoes or a beautifully cut pencil skirt. Aside from a waste of money, why on earth would you face the discomfort?! To make an impression, the look from the waist up is all that counts, and this is where jewellery comes in. Duncan Hughes of the AFR writes:

“The Zoom meeting boom and its unrelenting focus on faces is elevating earrings from a fashion accessory to a statement intended to reflect women executives’ mood, status, wealth and creativity.”

The jewellery doesn’t need to be too showy or dramatic, but it can still make a real difference to one’s overall appearance. A discreet pair of hoops might suffice for a team meeting, while for a big presentation you may want to command a little more attention with some colour and sparkle. 

Anna Hacker, a lawyer, says her collection of earrings has increased from a handful to dozens in the past 18 months:

“I like nice clothes but with just my face on the camera I needed something different. There’s so much personality in earrings,” Hacker says. “Putting on a new pair for Zoom meetings each day feels like wearing a new outfit.”

Hairstyles are of course another way to change your look, but who has the time each morning while overseeing the kids on home-schooling? A tasteful necklace and complementary earrings are much quicker! 

Zoom fatigue is inevitable, so if we want our colleagues to focus on what we have to say, we have to use all the tricks in the book.  We are also finding that with the tedium of lockdown, making a little effort on oneself can work wonders! Changing up your look with some new earrings or a necklace, is simple but effective. An added advantage to earrings, as Duncan Hughes writes:

“They will continue to fit no matter how much time is spent lounging on couches, comfort eating or drinking during the dreary days in lockdown.”

A very valid point!! 

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See full article "Why luxury earrings are the new power suit" in the Australian Financial Review.

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